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Reports Focus on New Online Shopping Tools

CHICAGO — Sometimes personalized offers from supermarkets just aren't worth the customer's time — according to a new report from Brick Meets Click, a research firm founded by supermarket consultant Bill Bishop.

In the first of a series of planned customer interviews about the use of modern shopping tools, Brick Meets Click speaks with a user of Safeway's Just For U personalized marketing service, and finds that she doesn't always find it worthwhile.

In one example, she cited a loyalty-card discount of 49 cents off the $3.99 price, and an extra 11-cent discount using Just For U — "In this case, is it really worth my time and effort to locate and put that item on the order? Frequently, I don't think it is," she said.

Although she had a few complaints about using the system, she also said she still uses Just For U because it helps her remember to buy everything she needs.