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Safeway Introduces New Private Brand

PLEASANTON, Calif. — Safeway is introducing Safeway Farms, a new private label brand for produce and meat.

Safeway Farms' produce items include lettuces, baby carrots, salads in packages and bowls, and a vegetable medley, according to a blog post by Fresh & Easy Buzz. The vegetable medley will be available in a package ready to be steamed in the microwave.

Safeway confirmed the new brand launch. "Safeway has enhanced the quality of many products. In order to communicate these changes to our customers, we have redesigned the Safeway brand to include Safeway Farms," Safeway spokesperson Teena Massingill told SN. "Our mission with Safeway Farms is to provide produce and meat from the highest-quality growers and producers."

Safeway, which has several private label lines, has been vocal on its focus on private label products. Last month, SN reported on Safeway’s new private brand innovation model that Vice President of Consumer Brands Alex Petroc detailed at the Private Brand conference in Chicago.