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Schnucks: More Men Shopping Stores

ST. LOUIS — Six percent more men are doing the primary grocery shopping in their household versus five years ago, according to consumer research from Schnuck Markets.

Findings indicate that while men make significantly more routine and immediate needs trips than women, female shoppers spend more money during these excursions than men.

Women also spend more time shopping with the largest difference coming from routine trips. Nearly one in four men (24%) spend 46 minutes or longer in store compared to 42% of women. Men shop later in the day, and are more likely than women to make a fill in trip after 6 p.m., according Schnucks.

The retailer tapped its Schnucks Listens panel, comprising 13,000 grocery shoppers, for the study. Roughly 1,500 respondents were men with a large portion being older men. Forty-three percent of males had undergone a change in marital status in the past five years and 32% of women indicated their spouse had retired.

Spokeswoman Lori Willis told SN that although Schnucks puts its research to work at every opportunity, there are no immediate shopper marketing plans. “At this point we’re concentrating service levels on all members of the family that shop our stores, but this makes us keenly aware that there are more men shopping and perhaps it’s something to take a look at,” she said.

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