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Success Builds Cooking Class Roster at Kowalski’s

ST. PAUL, Minn. — Kowalski’s Markets has added a veritable potpourri of cooking and food preparation classes this year.

Many of them will take place in the Teaching Kitchen at its largest store, but others will be held at some of the 9-unit chain’s other stores.
 For the past few years, most of the classes focused on artisan cheese. Those, with Kowalski’s cheese experts, are still on schedule. Now, classes run the gamut from making soups and sauces, and crafting organic, artisanal salads to chocolate tastings and applications.

Next up, on March 13, will be “Soup Clinic 101” conducted by the chain’s culinary director Rachael Perron. She’ll also teach “Sauces — an Updated Approach” a couple of weeks later.
 Approximately 40 classes will be held by the end of the year, Perron told SN.

"We don’t have them all scheduled yet, but some will be on grilling and other topics we know customers are interested in," Perron said. 
"We’re thrilled with the reception. Classes are filling up quickly. We’ve obviously plugged into a need."

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