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Wegmans Adds Organic Shrimp

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Wegmans Food Markets is expanding its seafood organic offerings with a private label organic farmed shrimp, according to a blog post by Mary Ellen Burris, Wegmans senior vice president of consumer affairs.

Like Wegmans Irish Organic Salmon introduced last spring, Wegmans Organic Farmed Shrimp have a European Union organic certification because there isn’t a U.S. federal organic seafood standard, Burris noted. The shrimp will be sourced from the supplier Omarsa in Ecuador.

“Their E-Z Peel shrimp are raised on the northwest coast of South America in mostly inland ponds to avoid interference with mangrove forests or coastal wetland,” wrote Burris. “A limited number of shrimp in the ponds means less stress on the shrimp and on the environment. All the feed is local and certified organic.”

Burris also wrote that Wegmans' conventional and organic shrimp are both free of hormones, antibiotics and chemical preservatives.

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