WinCo Debuts New Ad as Calif. Store Opens

BOISE, Idaho — WinCo Foods here on Thursday debuted a new television ad promoting "prices that speak for themselves." The commercial is breaking to promote a new WinCo store in Lakewood, Calif., scheduled to open on Sunday.

The commercial (below) shows a shopper in a Winco store encountering a display of Granny Smith apples with a handwritten sign that appears to deliver multiple messages ("a lot cheaper than the other guys" and "nice and tart but the price is sweet") before the spot ends with the shopper gathering apples into her cart and the tag line "Prices so low, they speak for themselves."

The commercial accompanies the opening of a new 95,000-square-foot store in Lakewood. The store utilizes a number of "green" technologies which create real energy efficiencies and save between 5% and 25% on refrigeration, heating, cooling and lighting the store and the product cases, Winco said. Winco operates 80 stores in Washington, Idaho, California, Oregon and Utah.