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Your Chance to Nominate a Company for SN’s 2010 Community Service Award

In January, Supermarket News will honor a U.S. food retail company for excellence in community service by its leadership and involvement in community, education and nonprofit fund-raising efforts. We'd like your vote. Here are the specifics:

SN’s “Community Service Award” will be given to a retail company that:

  • • Has a mission and demonstrated a deep dedication to giving back to the communities it serves and improving the quality of lives of its customers and those that live in its communities.
  • • Is dedicated to improving the lives of its employees through education and training.
  • • Inspires and encourages its associates to volunteer and donate their time to community-action and fund-raising programs.
  • • Can be described as proactive and a leader in working with national-local nonprofits, schools, community organizations and public agencies.
  • • Sets high standards for the food industry by being a force in community action projects by developing new solutions and using its resources to improve the lives of others, the environment, pubic safety or education.

See for past winners.

Who can be nominated?
U.S. food retail companies.

How do you submit nominations?
Use the form below.

How many companies can each person nominate?
There is no limit, but a separate nomination is needed for each company.

When will the award be presented?
The award will be presented at the Friends of the Industry Dinner Jan. 24 during FMI's Midwinter Executive Conference in Orlando, Fla.

How to nominate:

  1. 1. On the nomination form on the next page, enter the name of the company nominated and your name and identifying information.
  2. 2. Fill in the section on why this company qualifies for the award. SN may choose to use all or part of your explanation in its story on the winner.
  3. 3. Submit the completed form to SN electronically, as directed.
  4. 4. SN must receive nomination forms by Nov 20.

Any questions? Email [email protected].