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NGA Applauds Court Ruling on Labor

WASHINGTON — A federal appeals court on Tuesday temporarily blocked the implementation of new federal labor regulations that would require employers to post information for employees about forming unions.

The decision drew applause from business groups, including the National Grocers Association, a member of the Coalition for a Democratic Workplace, which sued the National Labor Relations Board, saying the agency overstepped its authority while implementing the new regulations. The regulations were to have gone into effect April 30.

“This is a big win for CDW and our partners in litigation at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, as well as a victory for employers across the nation. We are gratified the courts are stating the obvious — that the federal government dramatically overstepped its bounds,” Geoffrey Burr, president of CDW, said in a statement. “Unelected bureaucrats have no right to force employers to post what amounts to an advertisement for joining unions.”

CDW is engaged in litigation against the NLRB regarding the notice-posting requirement, as well as new rules regarding so-called “ambush elections.”

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