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D&W Kicks Off Cooking Classes

D&W Fresh Market has introduced the “D&W Fresh Market Culinary Classroom.”

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — D&W Fresh Market here has introduced the “D&W Fresh Market Culinary Classroom.” Participants can attend cooking presentations by area chefs or a hands-on cooking class. “Whether you are a novice in the kitchen or an aspiring chef yourself, you’ll get lots of great ideas, cooking tips,” D&W said in promotional materials. “Presentation by Chef” classes are two hours. Toward the end of the presentation, students will sample portions of the prepared entrees. “Hands-On” cooking classes last from two to three and a half hours and are primarily available on weekends and weekday evenings. Each student receives a printed packet of course materials including recipes, sample products or promotional coupons, plus samples of the food prepared during class. The Culinary Classroom is offered in D&W’s Grandville, Mich., location. Classes range in price from $20 for demonstrations to $60 for hands-on sessions.

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