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#HappyToBeDairyFree photo contest: Fun and economical marketing

#HappyToBeDairyFree photo contest: Fun and economical marketing

Instagram is the new Facebook

Social media users are flocking to Instagram to stay connected and keep up with what’s hip and new. If you are unfamiliar with Instagram, it’s free! Your customers are already there and you could be using it to your advantage to reach them. Stop reading, Google it, then come back and join us. For those of you “in the know,” #hairtoss and read on! 

Link arms

D&W Fresh Market just rolled out our first “Dairy-Free” case, so naturally we were excited to let our dairy-free customers and potential new customers know about it. To reach a targeted group of people who would be really excited about this and help us to spread the news quickly, we partnered with the folks at Vegan Grand Rapids, a non-profit organization that keeps the plant passionate people of West Michigan informed on food and drinks that do not contain animal products. 

Sing out

Here’s how the contest was promoted on social media by Vegan Grand Rapids:

We promoted it through our social media channels, too. The contest ran for two weeks and the two winners of the $50 gift cards were chosen at random.

The contest incentivized people who are excited about this concept to visit the store and find the case. Then by posting the picture of themselves with their favorite product on their Instagram account, they were telling their friends who probably share their excitement for dairy-free products, where they can easily find them. It was fun, interactive, and it only cost us $100.

Tally up

D&W Fresh Market & Vegan Grand Rapids social media totals: 5,985 reached, 117 interactions

• Facebook and Instagram combined

• These numbers do not even include the reach of each individual participant

Total #HappyToBeDairyFree participants, public and private: 12

Worth a thousand words

On a mobile device, go to Instagram and check out all of the “public” #HappyToBeDairyFree photos. Private Instagram users can only be accessed by their followers. Remember these are targeted customers and potential customers. On top of promoting the dairy-free case, each one of the public photos gave us unique and creative social media content. 


Have you done a cool social media contest that helped your company spread the word about something new and exciting in a cost effective way? Let us know!

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