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Safeway targets football fans

Safeway targets football fans

Safeway and PepsiCo have launched a collaborative football promotion that lets shoppers earn NFL merchandise.

Each time shoppers purchase a participating PepsiCo product, they earn 50 cents to use toward a purchase at The average shopper will earn $20-$30.

To participate, shoppers must register their loyalty cards at

About 350 PepsiCo products are participating, including Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Lay's, Tostitos, Doritos and Quaker cereal.

The chain has already seen strong sales increases in several participating categories, including carbonated soft drinks, according to Chris Almeida, Safeway’s VP of shopper marketing.

The promotion is unique in that it is the result of a truly collaborative effort between Safeway and PepsiCo, Almeida said.

“We both sat down, put our assets on the table and created a joint marketing plan,” he said.

While Safeway has run sports promotions in the past, it wanted to create a program that was relevant to shoppers and differentiated its stores from the competition.

“This is a way to engage the shopper and show that Safeway is much more than a grocery store; that we get you as a football fan,” said Almeida, noting that Safeway already has partnerships with four NFL teams: the San Francisco 49ers, the San Diego Chargers, Arizona Cardinals and Seattle Seahawks.


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Safeway decided an NFL promo made sense after shopper insights revealed that between 80% and 90% of its shopper base watch at least one football game a season.

“People are taking the tailgating experience to their homes,” he said. “We saw that as a huge business opportunity.”

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