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Schnuck_Markets-store_banner-closeup_0.png Schnuck Markets
At Schnucks locations, shoppers can get cash-back offers of up to 20% using GetUpside.

Schnuck Markets serves up cash-back promotions via GetUpside app

Personalized offers help drive shopper visits and bigger baskets

Schnuck Markets is serving up cash-back offers to customers at its 110 stores in Missouri, Illinois and Indiana through the GetUpside mobile app.

At Schnucks locations, shoppers can get cash-back offers of up to 20% using GetUpside, the companies said Wednesday. GetUpside’s platform connects customers with grocery stores and other local businesses — such as convenience stores, gas stations and restaurants — and uses personalized cash-back offers to entice them to transact. The offers are delivered via the free app and incentivize consumers to visit participating locations and return to shop more often.

GetUpside cashback app screen.pngMerchants offering GetUpside's Check In feature, making its grocery store debut at Schnucks, are identified in search by a blue lightning badge. (Image courtesy of GetUpside)

St. Louis-based Schnucks also is the first grocery chain to employ GetUpside’s new Check In feature, which makes it easier for customers to redeem cash-back promotions. Instead of using their smartphone to snap and submit a photo of their store receipt, shoppers click on “Check In” in the app, and GetUpside verifies each transaction behind the scenes. 

“Schnucks is proud to be the first grocer to launch GetUpside’s Check In to ensure our customers get the best value from their in-store experience without changing anything about how they shop,” said Bob Hardester, Schnucks Chief Information and Supply Chain Officer. “GetUpside helps us focus on our customers' needs while allowing them to get cash back on their everyday purchases.” 

The GetUpside app works as follows: Consumers first search for local cash-back promotions at supermarkets and other retailers — a blue lightning badge indicates locations where Check In functionality is available — and then claim their offer(s) and shop at those merchants. After making their purchase, shoppers snap a picture of their receipt and upload it to the app or use the Check In tool to log their transaction. The cash-back rewards are deposited into their GetUpside account — or in PayPal or an electronic gift card — to be cashed out whenever the consumer wants.

GetUpside has reported that retailers using its cash-back platform generate a 3% to 5% uptick in profit and, on the customer side, see 1.6 times more shopping frequency than non-GetUpside users and an average of 35% larger baskets.
“Schnucks is an industry-leading retailer who continues to innovate for their customers,” commented Tyler Renaghan, vice president of grocery for Washington, D.C.-based GetUpside. “This partnership not only benefits the millions of Schnucks shoppers, but also provides Schnucks with proven profit and impactful data-driven insights that help them better serve their customers.” 

Overall, Schnuck Markets operates 111 stores in Missouri, Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin. The GetUpside platform is live at more than 30,000 grocery stores, restaurants, gas stations and convenience stores nationwide, including Cardenas Markets, Woodman’s Market, Vicente Foods, Lunds & Byerlys, Cub Foods, Shoppers Food & Pharmacy, Streets Market, Gelson’s Markets, Piggly Wiggly and Carlie C’s IGA supermarkets.

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