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Southeastern Grocers debuts 'Down Down' campaign

Southeastern Grocers debuts 'Down Down' campaign

Southeastern Grocers on Wednesday said it had lowered everyday prices on more than 400 frequently purchased items as part of a new campaign it is calling "Down Down."

The program — which according to CEO Ian McLeod "is a demonstration of just how serious we are about giving customers lower prices" — follows last month's introduction of what the company called "New Regular Pricing" on 3,000 items at all of its Winn-Dixie, and Bi-Lo stores.

A spokeswoman for the chain told SN Wednesday that program represented a total investment of $70 million, derived in part through internal productivity programs and improvements to its supply chain and category management. 

"Both Southeastern Grocers and our vendor partners have the same goal – to give our customers the products they need at a price they can afford. Southeastern Grocers has currently funded 100% of the Down Down program," the spokeswoman said.

The "Down Down" reductions — so called because the prices are "down and will stay down" — include discounts of up to 50% off of frequently purchased items including Sanderson Farms boneless chicken breasts — now $2.50 a pound from $4 per pound — Southern Home sandwich bread at $1 a loaf vs. $1.89 previously, and red delicious apples, now at $1.50 per pound vs. $1.89 previously. The company said the prices would remain at those levels for six months.

The Jacksonville, Fla.-based company is supporting the pricing campaign with new ads and easy to spot signs in stores.

“We know that almost one in five people in the Southeast are relying on food subsidies to feed their families every week," McLeod said in a statement. "It is therefore not surprising that our customer surveys report that ‘affordable prices’ is the most important requirement from a grocery store."

This story has been updated to note that Harveys stores are not a part of the Down Down program as initially reported, and to add additional detail about the program investment and funding.

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