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Who Are You?

Kraft Foods' Next Generation Meal Solution is designed to help shoppers solve the "what's for dinner tonight" quandary.

Kraft Foods’ Next Generation Meal Solution is designed to help shoppers solve the “what’s for dinner tonight” quandary. But rather than ask 20 questions about who the shopper is and what they’re in the mood for, the tool is respectful of harried consumers’ time. Intel’s Anonymous Video Analytics feature helps it cut to the chase.

“It can tell, with about 85% accuracy whether a person is male or female, and it can read approximate age groups within ten-year brackets,” said Don King, vice president of retail experience for Kraft.

Shopper insights might back the fact that a woman in her 50s is looking for a more advanced recipe than a man in his 20s. The tool customizes content based on which of the two may be standing before it.

To make the experience even more relevant, users can build a shopping list on Kraft’s iFood Assistant app. The tool would generate a QR code that would be scanned by the kiosk in-store so that “It could customize meals around items you’re already planning to buy on that trip,” said King.

Kraft’s Meal Solution hasn’t gotten retailer buy-in yet, but video analytics may soon customize other shopper experiences in-store.

Take interactions with digital screens. VideoMining Corp., State College, Pa., was recently awarded two patents in the area of “narrowcasting,” or the dissemination of content to a narrow or very targeted market. VideoMining’s patents deal with the ability to dynamically change video content based on the demographics of the person standing before a digital screen. The technology could even sense when a shopper seems uninterested, and change content to try to win its attention.