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Hy-Vee serves up a beyond-product strategy

Hy-Vee serves up a beyond-product strategy

I recently stopped by one of Hy-Vee’s new Des Moines stores and came away impressed with how they continue to grow their business by pairing a strong focus on food with a great experience.

Burgers, beer & more

Each store had an extensive “ready to eat” offering as well as strong perishables, but more striking was how far they have moved into casual dining in their Market Grille. The hostess showed us to our booth, and we watched football on a large screen while having a craft beer and a peanut butter hamburger —yes, I said peanut butter. This was just one sign of chef influence in the store. (The burger was pretty good, by the way.)

Hy-Vee dietitian health market
Store dietiitans are part of the Hy-Vee experience.

Walking the rest of the store made it clear Hy-Vee has moved beyond just a product strategy. They “go to market” today by providing service and great experience that complement their product assortment. This definitely increases the appeal of shopping the store. It can’t be done as an add-on, though. It requires a strong culture that empowers each and every associate to deliver on the service promise as a fundamental part of the whole experience. Hy-Vee is doing it right.

Who do you think is “doing it right” with service and experience?

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