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Marianorsquos new store in Westchester Ill offers several new twists even for Marianorsquos
<p>Mariano&rsquo;s new store in Westchester, Ill., offers several new twists, even for Mariano&rsquo;s.</p>

Mariano’s amps up the experience

We had a chance to visit the new Mariano’s in Westchester at its grand opening. This store is the last of 11 former Dominick’s locations that have been remodeled this year, which is a remarkable accomplishment in itself. But Mariano’s made sure that the last one was truly special, an 80,000-square-foot masterpiece that was a ground up rebuild of an older Dominick’s.

What we truly admire about Mariano’s is that they never stop innovating. The concept has continued to evolve in the short period of time that they have been in the Chicago market. This store is no exception, with a few new twists along the way:

A Crumbs cupcake shop has already garnered a lot of press as this brand attempts to resurrect itself. It is paired with other “bad for you” goodies including in-store dipped caramel apples and popcorn.

There are multiple foodservice stations, including wood-fired pizza, an oyster bar, Todds BBQ and an in-store wine bar (and yes, there are the usual foodservice offerings well represented too).

Innovation continues into the center store, with a Market Street area that showcases specialty foods, including olive oils, coffees and teas.

This store is a great reminder of why we love the supermarket business and why we love going to new stores. There were new ideas, new experiences along with excited associates, awestruck customers and the community who were all thrilled to be part of this new undertaking.

Supermarkets truly do improve the lives of the communities that they are in, providing food, jobs and a sense of place. While we focus so often on the trends, the numbers and the intense competition that consume the business, it’s good to step back and soak in the wonder of the business as well.


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