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Raley's partners on 10-minute meal solutions

Raley's partners on 10-minute meal solutions

Raley’s has worked with Chefs’ Menu to come up with 10-minute gourmet entrees available in the retailer’s meat department.

To create a meal, customers pick out a protein, starch, vegetable and sauce based on menu suggestions like chicken marsala or Thai coconut shrimp. The protein and vegetables come pre-prepped by Raley’s. California restaurant chefs designed the sauces.

Each meal makes three to four servings. The retailer also suggests wine pairings for each recipe.

“Raley’s Chefs’ Menu makes a master chef out of anyone and all that with spending just about 10 minutes in the kitchen. Buy the pre-cut meat, sauce, side dish, fresh cut veggies at your Meat Department,” Koen Vermeylen, Raley’s meat and seafood expert, said in a press release. “We want to deliver more of the products customers desire — Chefs’ Menu is a quick, restaurant-quality meal at home.”

Chefs’ Menu meals are available at Raley’s, Bel Air and Nob Hill Foods locations.

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