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Retailers Online for Summer Recipes

As summer winds down, retailers are using social media to keep their customers informed on cooking ideas for Labor Day and recipes for the season's abundant fruit and vegetable harvest.

In preparation for Labor Day, Whole Foods Market featured the picnic and cookout staple potato salad on its Whole Story blog last week.

The post, “Plentiful Potato Salad Recipes,” provided links to the retailer's recipes and gave ideas for creative twists on the dish, such as experimenting with different kinds of potatoes, adding fresh crunchy vegetables and herbs, and holding the mayonnaise in exchange for vinegars and dressings.

Other Labor Day favorites included “Grilled Heirloom Tomato and Pesto Pizzas” and “Chicken and Grape Salad with Cashew and Tarragon Dressing” recipes.

Sunflower Farmers Market also recently drew attention to summer produce by linking to a stuffed chile recipe and posting on Twitter: “Green chiles are HOT! Not only do they pack a bit of heat, they're flying off our shelves! Need a recipe?”

Jewel-Osco used its Facebook page to poll customers, asking them to weigh in on which tomato taste they are most tempted by. They followed up by posting tomato recipes for the winner, caprese salad, along with fresh cilantro salsa, pasta sauce and fresh bruschetta, and then promoting these recipes on Twitter.