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Aldi debuts 'free from' private label meats

Aldi debuts 'free from' private label meats

Aldi’s new Never Any! line of meats comes from animals raised without antibiotics, hormones or steroids, and fed a vegetarian diet, the retailer announced.

The “free from” attributes are certified by the USDA.

The product line-up includes chicken breasts, chicken breast tenderloins, whole chicken, hickory bacon, sliced deli ham and turkey, Italian chicken sausage and spinach feta chicken sausage. Aldi, based in Batavia, Ill., is also testing Never Any! breakfast chicken sausage, chipotle chicken sausage and tomato basil chicken sausage in select areas.

“We believe every shopper should have access to food they feel good about serving their family,” Aldi CEO Jason Hart said in a press release. “That’s why we’re dedicated to providing high quality groceries at affordable prices — making healthy living simple for more than 32 million customers who shop our stores each month.”

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