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A new quotPick 5quot program includes meat and items from around the store Photo courtesy of Southeastern Grocers
<p>A new &quot;Pick 5&quot; program includes meat and items from around the store. (Photo courtesy of Southeastern Grocers)</p>

Converted Harveys caters to community in meat department

When Southeastern Grocers converted a Winn-Dixie location in Jacksonville, Fla., into a Harveys earlier this month, one of the areas to get an update was the meat department.

In rethinking the department, the retailer adjusted what cuts and package sizes to carry as well as what kinds of promotions to run.

“The majority of this store's customers have to carefully manage their grocery budget, so we invested a lot of time into understanding the product range, store features and promotions that would be best for this community,” a spokesperson for Southeastern told SN in an email.

The store added larger pack sizes. (Photo courtesy of Southeastern Grocers)

New product offerings include more smoked meats; pork items like fresh pork hocks, quartered pork feet and pork neck bones; poultry items such as family pack drumsticks, turkey necks, thighs and wings; and an “economy” beef program with thin cuts and middle meats. The department also has larger, low-cost, family-size packages.

Additionally, a new “Pick 5” program allows customers to choose five items — including a variety of fresh and frozen meats — for $19.95, an average discount of 25%. Some of the selections are breaded chicken, sausage, shaved ham, Italian meatballs, hot dog varieties, broccoli florets, okra, cut green beans, corn on the cob, potato varieties, sweet Belgian waffles and 2 ½ dozen large eggs.

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