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The New Consumer: 5 things marketers should know about Hispanic Millennials

The New Consumer: 5 things marketers should know about Hispanic Millennials

This demographic is quite different from older Hispanics, other Millennials

Hispanic consumers that fall into the 20- and 30-something age range comprise the second largest Hispanic demographic in the U.S., and account for 29% of all Millennials living here, according to The Millennial Project research, an initiative conducted by Burbank, Calif.-based ThinkNow Research and L.A.-based cross-cultural ad agency, Sensis.

Here are 5 things food marketers should know about this burgeoning group:

1. Foreign-born Hispanic Millennials are less likely to buy brands that connect them with their culture, according to Carlos Yanez, custom research director for ThinkNow Research.

Forty percent of Hispanic Millennials are foreign-born and many “want to assimilate to U.S. culture and be part of the mainstream and they want to buy brands based in the U.S.,” Yanez told SN, “so maybe they don’t go for their Mexican brand.”

2. U.S. born Hispanic Millennials, on the other hand, use food and beverage as a means of connecting to their roots, according to researchers who found that the more acculturated Hispanic Millennials become, the more likely they are to feel disconnected from their roots. Food offers a popular means of reconnection.

“If you have children here it’s challenging to have them speak Spanish. You may speak it to them exclusively, but their friends may speak English. But when it comes to food, that’s one of the easiest ways to stay connected to your culture,” Yanez said.

3. Hispanic Millennials are more likely to shop for groceries at mass retailers.

Seventy-seven percent of Hispanic Millennial respondents to the Hispanic Millennial Project — which draws from a panel including non-acculturated Spanish-speaking Hispanics and members of other demographics that are representative of the U.S. population — report that they themselves and/or members of their household buy groceries from mass retailers, compared to 69% of Non-Hispanic White Millennials,  66% of African American Millennials and 64% of Asian Millennials.

“Walmart is extremely popular with this segment and they go to Walmart for just about everything they need for their household,” Yanez said. “Walmart pretty much dominates every category whether it’s food or other household-type things.”

4. Hispanic Millennials spend more per week on groceries than other Millennials.

Hispanic Millennials and other members of their household spend an average of $149 per week on groceries, compared to Non-Hispanic Whites in this age group ($136), Asian Millennials ($119) and African American Millennials ($105).

“Very basically, they have larger households, so more people per household,” said Yanez. “They may have more children and they’re likely to have their own parents living with them.”

5. Hispanic Millennials consume beer more frequently than other Millennials.

More than half of Hispanic Millennials  ages 21 and older (51%) consume beer at least once per week vs. 44% of non-Hispanic White members of Gen Y, 40% of African American Millennials and 34% of Asian Millennials.

Culture plays a role in Hispanic Millennials’ brand preference, with 46% reporting having consumed Corona/Corona Light in the past three months, 23% Dos Equis, 17% Tecate/Tecate Light, 17% Modelo Especial/Negra Modelo and 11% Pacifico.

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