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A rendering of The Roast

Whole Foods to launch Brazilian restaurant

The Roast will feature build-you-own ‘fire-roasted’ bowls

Whole Foods is planning to launch a Brazilian churrasco restaurant in its Ponce de Leon store in Atlanta later this year.

Tentatively titled “The Roast,” the in-store eatery is part of that location’s revamp, according to the retailer.

With construction permits procured, plans for the location include billiards, a DJ platform, as well as digital-ordering kiosks. The unit will seat about 48 people.

Brazilian is new for the Austin, Texas-based chain — “the first of its kind,” according to Lauren Bernath, Whole Foods’ regional social, digital and public relations specialist in Atlanta.

Quentin Arndt, Whole Foods Market South Region Prepared Foods Coordinator, in a statement described it as a “fast-casual spin on a typical Brazilian churrasco” concept.

“Customers will select a protein and build out their very own fire-roasted bowl incorporating sautéed greens, grains, and signature sauces,” Arndt said.

Churrasco is a Portuguese term for beef or grilled meat. But vegetarian and vegan options will be available, he noted.

Arndt also indicated “exciting menu collaborations” to come with seasonal variations.

In the evening, customers will be able to enjoy a separate bar menu with beverage options of spirits and cocktails as well as beer, wine, and soda on tap. 

Editor's note: This story has been corrected — Churrasco is a Portuguese term for beef or grilled meat, not Spanish.

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