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Numerator offers new data with new Snapshots profiles

The new service offers “a quick look at key shopping metrics and shopper profiles”

What do Amazon shopper stats, Aldi age demographics, and the average wage earned by Whole Foods Market shoppers have in common? 

They are all available on demand through data analytics firm Numerator’s new Retailer, Restaurant & Brand Snapshots service, the company announced Monday. 

The Numerator press release notes that each profile in the new service offers “a quick look at key shopping metrics and shopper profiles for a variety of U.S. retailers, limited-service restaurants, and brands. 

The firm released a hodgepodge of stats for different companies it tracks, including:

  • 81% of U.S. households purchased a product on Amazon in 2023. Amazon shopper’s made an average 72 orders and spent around $2,600
  • Shoppers at discount grocery chain Aldi are more likely to be from the Baby Boomer generation
  • Whole Foods Market and Trader Joe’s shoppers are more likely to have a high income and be urban Millennials dedicated to eating organic foods
  • Four out of five U.S. households shop at Dollar Tree annually, while only three out of five shop at Dollar General. But Dollar General shoppers spend more, shelling out an average $485, compared to the average $281 spent at Dollar Tree
  • About 69% of U.S. households spent money at CVS, with an average of 18 trips and spending less than $400 annually
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