Southeastern is offering dozens of varieties of wet and dry dog and cat food

Southeastern is offering dozens of varieties of wet and dry dog and cat food.

Southeastern Grocers debuts Whiskers & Tails

Southeastern Grocers is launching Whiskers & Tails, a private label brand of wet and dry dog and cat foods, treats and biscuits that are packed with protein, vitamins and minerals.

It is the retailer's first pet-focused private label line.

The line has been taste tested against national brands with four in five dogs preferring Whiskers & Tails Bacon Strips Dog Treats to the national brand, according to Southeastern Grocers.

The dog food and treats are currently available at Bi-Lo, Harveys and Winn-Dixie stores and the cat food and treats will be available beginning next month.

Whiskers & Tails includes:

  • 6 varieties of dry dog food               
  • 18 varieties of wet dog food
  • 5 varieties of dog treats and biscuits 
  • 16 varieties of dog rawhides
  • 4 varieties of dry cat food
  • 26 varieties of wet cat food
  • 5 varieties of cat litter

“Pets are more than just animals to our customers; they are cherished family members, which is why Southeastern Grocers is committed to using the highest-quality ingredients in our new pet food product line,” said Scott Morris, EVP of merchandising for Southeastern Grocers, in a statement. “The Whiskers & Tails brand will encompass delicious and nutritious products and flavors that pets will love at a value our customers can depend on.”

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