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Wegmans hosts employer flu shot clinics

Wegmans hosts employer flu shot clinics

Wegmans is facilitating on-site flu shot clinics for employers in its operating areas, with online scheduling for employees to sign up for a flu shot time slot and the ability to bill individual plan sponsors or direct to employers.

“Employers can help boost vaccination rates among their workforce by offering an on-site flu clinic, which gives employees easy access to the flu shot at little to no cost, and without leaving the office,” said Brian Pompo, Wegmans Pharmacy business relations manager, in a statement. “Even if an on-site flu clinic doesn’t make sense for an organization, employers play an important role in educating their employees on the importance of an annual flu shot and the resources available to them in their community.”

According to, nearly 111 million workdays are lost due to the flu, equating to approximately $7 billion per year in sick days and lost productivity.

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