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Gallery: Target’s pet land

Target positions itself as a dog’s best friend.

The retailer simplifies the pet food buying process with a department that features visual imagery, shelf signage and clearly defined category segments.

Target’s efforts come at a time when shopping for pet food can be an arduous process. Multiple flavors, packaging sizes and product claims can make the category overwhelming to shop.

Making the department more consumer-friendly is a wise move at a time when the humanization of pets continues.

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“Pet owners see their pets as part of the family,” said Maria Lange, senior product manager for GfK’s pet retail tracking service.

As a result, they want to buy the best product for them.

Target responds to such trends by featuring grain-free and other premium selections in a special section signed “Choose Well.”

Cat owners get special treatment as well. Signage clearly identifies cat food by type. Take meats. Signage not only highlights white meats, but further breaks down the segment into chicken, duck, turkey and giblets.

Photos and captions by Carol Angrisani

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