Part of SN's Power 50 that includes the most influential people in the food retailing industry, "The Trending Ten" were chosen by SN editors based on their current or growing influence. Below SN writers describe what distinguishes each of The Trending Ten. View the full Power 50 list.

No. 1 David Dillon, chairman and CEO, Kroger
Audio of Retail/Financial Editor Mark Hamstra 
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No. 2 Robert Edwards, president and CEO, Safeway
Audio (by phone) of Retail/Financial Reporter Elliot Zwiebach
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No. 3 Walter Robb, co-CEO, Whole Foods
Audio of Robert Vosburgh
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No. 4 Robert Miller, CEO Albertsons
Audio (by phone) of Elliot Zwiebach
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No. 5 Joseph Colalillo, chairman and CEO, Wakefern Food Corp.
Audio (by phone) of Roseanne Harper
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No. 6 Randall Onstead, president and CEO, Bi-Lo Holdings
Audio (by phone) of Elliot Zwiebach
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No. 7 Jeff Bezos, CEO,
Audio of Michael Garry
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No. 8 Doug Sanders, CEO, Sprouts Farmers Markets
Audio of Robert Vosburgh
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No. 9 Generation Y, the "Millennials"
Audio of Fresh Market Editor Jenna Telesca
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No. 10 Mark Bittman, food columnist, New York Times
Audio of Michael Garry
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Interviews and audio editing by Jenna Telesca.