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Vallarta Supermarket-Lent2020-online.jpg Vallarta Supermarkets
The new meatless and seafood menu items will be available across all 50 Vallarta Supermarket stores throughout California.

Vallarta Supermarkets launching meatless menu items for Lent

Beyond Meat being offered as a menu option at California chain’s La Cocina departments

Los Angeles-based Vallarta Supermarkets announced additional menu offerings in various departments just in time for Lent (Feb. 26 to April 12), adding numerous meatless options for those observing the holiday or looking to reduce their meat consumption.

The new menu items will be available across all 50 Vallarta stores and their various departments, including La Cocina, Cevichería, Pescadería, Grab & Go and the Cremería. Vallarta Supermarkets is known for catering to California’s large Latino population.

“Many of our customers give up eating meat during Lent,” said Andrew Lewis, vice president of marketing, Vallarta Supermarkets. “Now they’ll be able to enjoy their traditional favorites, like tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and more without giving up taste and still observing Lent.”

Starting this past Monday, Feb. 17, Beyond Meat will be offered as a protein substitute option at La Cocina at all Vallarta Supermarkets. Menu items such as a carnitas torta or carne asada tacos can be substituted with Beyond Beef. Although launched for Lent, Beyond Meat will be available year-round for those limiting their meat consumption. It is currently available in the grocery freezer aisle for those who prefer to cook at home.

Vallarta SupermarketsVallarta Supermarket-BeyondMeatBeefTaco-low.jpg

At Vallarta Supermarkets' La Cocina, menu items such as a carnitas torta or carne asada tacos can be substituted with Beyond Beef.

As part of the Lent menu, Vallarta’s La Cocina will offer Tortas de Camarón (shrimp patties) as well as other seafood options such as battered or grilled fish and shrimp in crispy tacos, burritos, tortas and quesadillas. These are available a la carte or in dinner combos with rice, pico de gallo, beans, creamy slaw, chips and avocado sauce. La Cocina’s Lent menu will be available from Feb. 26 through March 1; after that the items will be available Friday-Sunday year-round.

Another Lent favorite, Milk Capirotada (bread pudding), will also be available on weekends (Friday-Sunday) in Vallarta’s in-house kitchen, La Cocina. Other new Cremería items such as shrimp cake, potato cake and seafood cake will be available all Lent season. Traditional favorites returning are Nopal Salad, Crab & Shrimp Louie Salad; Tuna Salad, Imitation Crab Salad, Macaroni Salad, Potato Salad and Premium Crab Salad.

The Pescadería (seafood department) regularly offers refreshing varieties of ceviche, from fish, shrimp, imitation crab and seafood mixtures and also offers stir-fry items for customers to take home and heat and serve.

New items will also be found at the popular Cevichería (ceviche section), where the ceviche is made fresh daily in store, several times throughout the day. Free samples are available so customers can choose their favorite.

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