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Price Rite DENV2453.jpg Price Rite Marketplace
Price Rite Marketplace now offers a greater selection of the Bowl & Basket and Paperbird brands at its 59 stores in the Northeast and New England.

Price Rite expands Bowl & Basket and Paperbird private-label brands

Wakefern Food Corp.’s premium own brand continues to expand product selection

Price Rite Marketplace, a division of Wakefern Food Corp., now offers a greater selection of the Bowl & Basket and Paperbird brands at its 59 stores in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Maryland.

Price Rite first welcomed Bowl & Basket and Paperbird products late in 2019, and now more than 150 products are available at the store. Bowl & Basket selections include everything from salty snacks, including Kettle Chips, to kitchen staples such as milk, eggs, coffee, pasta, water and ice cream. Paperbird offerings include products such as napkins and paper towels, as well as sponges. 

Bowl  Basket Products.jpg

Both Bowl & Basket and Paperbird were created with quality and design in mind, as well as offering shoppers a budget-friendly alternative to national brands.

As the rollout of the new brands continues, Price Rite Marketplace will expand to categories such as sparkling water over the next several months. By the end of 2021, hundreds of Bowl & Basket and Paperbird products will be available at Price Rite Marketplace, the retailer said. 

Paperbird Products.jpg

“The addition of Bowl & Basket and Paperbird to Price Rite Marketplace shelves gives our shoppers an amazing selection of products at the accessible prices we’re known for,” said Jim Dorey, president of Price Rite Marketplace. “We’ve just completed an extensive  rebranding of all our stores and these new brands are the next step in delivering innovative, high-quality and exciting products to our shoppers at a great value.”

Several years in the making, the two new brand lines have a modern, upscale aesthetic, with quality that is equal to or better than national brands. The new products meet rigorous quality assurance criteria and have a consistent look and feel that makes it easier for customers to find them across store aisles. 

The introduction of Bowl & Basket and Paperbird follows the successful debut of the Wholesome Pantry brand at Price Rite Marketplace in July 2017 and includes the Wholesome Pantry Organic line and Wholesome Pantry free-from line of products.

The Bowl & Basket and Paperbird lines also made their debut at Wakefern’s ShopRite stores in November 2019 and expanded to 300 products by year’s end, and expects to have more than 3,500 newly branded products by the end of 2021. 

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