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SaveALot expects America39s Choice to become the discounter39s quotpredominant food private label brandquot
<p>Save-A-Lot expects America&#39;s Choice to become the discounter&#39;s &quot;predominant food private label brand.&quot;</p>

Save-A-Lot relaunches America's Choice line

Save-A-Lot has reintroduced the America's Choice name at its stores as a decadent but affordable private label line of fresh and shelf-stable products from cheesecakes to crab cakes.

The Earth City, Mo.-based discount chain, a division of Supervalu, acquired the America's Choice brand name earlier this year from A&P but the newly launched logo and product line are completely new, Save-A-Lot spokeswoman Chon Tomlin told SN Monday.

Save-A-Lot officials have detailed big plans for the brand, saying in a filing that it anticipated that America’s Choice would "become the predominant food private label brand in our stores as we seek to consolidate our private label brand offerings by reducing the number of private label brands that we offer while increasing brand recognition and enhancing brand equity." 

The brand will launch in phases over the next 18 months.

The first phase of 17 products, known as America's Choice Creations, launched at Save-A-Lot stores nationwide this month. They include a triple pepperoni pizza priced at $5.99; a 10-layer, 3-meat frozen lasagna priced at $4.99; and honey-bourbon salmon filets at $7.99.

The introduction of the new private label line accompanies a concurrent emphasis on 130 "must-have" national brand goods available at Save-A-Lot stores.

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