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Schnucks said it expects the “most expansive local produce season” in its history with the help of the platform.

Schnuck Markets goes bigger with local produce

Partnership with reaps benefits for customers, farmers

Schnuck Markets expects the “most expansive local produce season” in its history with the help of the platform.

St. Louis-based Schnucks said Tuesday that, for the 2021 season, more than 50 varieties of fresh, local vegetables and fruit will be available at all 111 Schnucks stores, ranging from tomatoes to watermelons to fresh herbs.

A mobile marketing app and logistics solution, connects small-scale farmers to supermarkets, chefs and institutional buyers to create local supply chains in a 250-mile radius. For Schnucks, draws from 15 farms in the grocer’s four-state market area across Missouri, Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin.

“Buying from local farms helps us support our local neighbors while providing a higher quality product for our customers,” Mike Tipton, vice president of produce and floral at Schnuck Markets, said in a statement. “By reducing the time it takes from the farm to our stores, we are able to get the freshest produce. Our customers can taste the difference.”


Local produce brands at Schnucks sourced via the program include The Farmer & Co and Queen of Greens.


Schnucks said its partnership with, now in its third season, has enabled the retailer to expand its local produce offerings by 173% year over year. What’s more, the platform brings local farms more stability to plan their seasons while ensuring that fresh produce is available for customers, the grocer noted.

“The local produce season is far from over,” added Tipton. “More items can be found at your local Schnucks continuing year-round, with a big fall season yet to come.” uses blockchain technology, route optimization and realtime updates to bridge gaps in local sourcing. For farmers, the platform helps provide access to urban markets and respond to local demand and opportunities, the St. Louis-based company said. For buyers, the technology streamlines and aggregates inventory from multiple farms, resulting in a more efficient, reliable market where they can place all of their orders.

“The commitment Schnucks has made to its communities and its farms are second to none,” stated Clare Sullivan, co-founder and chief science officer at “Our technology provides a consistent experience our customers can count on and makes it easy for farmers to do what they do best: grow food for our communities.”

Schnucks added that its work with also helps create a more sustainable and resilient local supply chain. For example, all partner farms are urged to use regenerative practices that ensure the land can feed the region over generations.

“We are excited to offer our local greenhouse-grown specialty lettuces and salads to Schnucks customers and are excited to grow our farm and business working with and Schnucks,” commented Mark Schneider, owner of The Farmer & Co. farm in Strawn, Ill.

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