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Food Emporium Showcases ‘Neighborhood’ Renovation

NEW YORK — The Food Emporium on Friday celebrated the completion of an 18-week renovation at its 63rd Street store in Manhattan, saying the changes represent a transition to a neighborhood focus parent company A&P intends to introduce at stores throughout the chain.

The store was third in A&P’s Food Emporium chain to receive a makeover since November. The 16,000-square-foot unit received all new display cases and equipment and increased selection by repurposing backroom space, Michael Corsello, director of merchandising for The Food Emporium, told SN Friday.

Fresh departments including prepared food bars and cafe seating were added to the upper level of the store, while the main lower level includes new selections of convenience items such as hardware and stationary, and expanded offerings of kosher foods that better position the store to serve neighborhood shoppers, Corsello said.

“We want to be the supermarket of the neighborhood, that’s the major difference today,” Corsello said.

The changes include a new emphasis on customer service as a differentiator.

A&P, based in Montvale, N.J., is making neighborhood stores central to a comprehensive store renovation program. The company has said it intends to renew more than half of its 320 stores over the next five years.

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