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FreshDirect Faces Web Outages

NEW YORK — Just a month after online grocer FreshDirect here struggled through a busy Thanksgiving season without the use of many of its trucks, the company suffered another setback when its website went dark for at least some customers this week.

The company, which offers online ordering and delivery to the New York City area and in parts of Philadelphia, could not be reached for comment by SN, but Bloomberg reported that the company had allowed its domain-name registration to expire. It has since renewed the registration though 2024, Bloomberg reported.

FreshDirect used Facebook and Twitter to apologize to customers for the inconvenience. The outage apparently lasted different amounts of time for users of various internet access providers.

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“We are sorry about the site outages being experienced by some of our customers with Time Warner and Verizon Wireless,” FreshDirect said on its Facebook page on Dec. 26. “We’ve identified the problem and we are working to quickly resolve it.”

By Dec. 27, the company said access to the site had been restored to “all major Internet Service Providers,” but some ISPs might have still been updating their servers at that time.

“Once your ISP’s servers are refreshed, you should be able to shop normally. We encourage you to check back soon,” the company stated. “We are truly sorry for any inconveniences this situation may have caused.”

Earlier this year FreshDirect said several of its trucks were damaged by Hurricane Sandy, forcing it to cut back on deliveries for Thanksgiving. The latest outage appears to have occurred on Christmas Day and lasted at least two to three days.

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