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Union Cites Intimidation in Complaint Withdrawal

LOS ANGELES — Three weeks after it filed complaints charging Albertsons with employee intimidation, the United Food and Commercial Workers Union here said this week it was withdrawing the complaints, citing intimidation of workers as the reason, Michael Shimpock, a union spokesman, told SN. “We can’t get anyone to testify, and without witnesses, there can’t be a complaint,” he explained. Supervalu, which owns Albertsons, told SN it was pleased “that the unfair labor practice charges filed against Albertsons were withdrawn. We have consistently approached these negotiations in good faith, and Supervalu’s approach has always been, and continues to be, both legal and ethical.” The complaints alleged that Albertsons had sought to intimidate employees as they were preparing to vote on whether to authorize a strike.
— Elliot Zwiebach