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Use of Recipes on the Rise: NPD

CHICAGO — The use of recipes is growing as more families eat meals at home, according to The NPD Group, a market research company here.

The use of recipes at least once a week rose to 42% of households in 2011, compared with 37% in 2005, NPD said in a new report, "Recipes Are Cooking!" In addition, it said 67% of homemakers said they have used a recipe within a month of being surveyed, and 42% said they used recipes more often. In a typical evening 11 million households used a recipe for dinner, or nearly 38 million in a given week, the study indicated.

Pinterest a Hit for Foodies, Recipe Seekers

It also said the growth of recipe usage is being driven primarily by young adults, with nearly 30 million Millennials and 25 million Generation Xers indicating they use recipes at least once a week.

"Food manufacturers can take advantage of the advanced planning involved in recipe dishes," said Darren Seifer, NPD food and average industry analyst. "If you can promote the right recipe in front of these cooks, you are very likely to get on their shopping list."

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