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gelson___s_debuts_recharge_premium_convenience_store_format_720.png Rove
A rendering of the ReCharge premium convenience store format.

Gelson’s debuts ReCharge premium convenience store format

The launch will start with six locations in Southern California this year

Gelson’s has finalized its partnership with developer and operator of full-service electric vehicle charging centers, Rove, to provide food and beverage services as part of its new concept. Debuting with six locations in Southern California this year as Rove, and featuring a curated selection of foods, beverages, and convenience items by Gelson’s, the ReCharge premium convenience format is a first of its kind in retail partnerships for the grocery market chain.

The initial six locations are underway with plans to build 20 more charging centers by 2026. Offerings by Gelson’s includes coffee service, hot and cold snack and meal options, poke bowls and sushi, sandwiches and wraps, salads, charcuterie and cheese plates, and a large assortment of single-service and multi-pack cold beverages. 

There will also be a selection of dairy and frozen items, alongside staples like snack foods, bread, and non-grocery items. Rove’s EV charging centers have upwards of 40 chargers, a 24/7 lounge with restrooms, free Wi-Fi, and an eco-friendly car wash. 

Every center will also include parking spots for non-chargers in case consumers want to just pick up breakfast, lunch, and dinner offerings. 

The new centers will also bring Gelson’s  food and beverage experience closer to many of its existing customers, while also expanding to a broader audience, said Gelson’s President & CEO John Bagan, adding that Gelson’s has been moving to EVs and alternative fuel vehicles for its own company fleet as well, making the partnership play a part in its own larger sustainability goals. 


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