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Haggen mailer touts 'one-shop,' price

Haggen mailer touts 'one-shop,' price

To introduce itself to consumers who have never heard of it, Haggen has adopted the slogan,  “Hello Haggen. Goodbye Hassle.”

Below the tagline are the words, “Food and pharmacy since 1933.”

The initial advertising piece, developed by Pitch, the Culver City, Calif.-based agency Haggen hired to help get itself known to potential customers, is a price-oriented mailer that features eight items with a message explaining what Haggen is.

“Why would you ever need another grocery store?” the mailer asks. “There are already a bunch of different markets around here.  You should know — you go to all of them. Which is exactly why you need another grocery store. 

“At Haggen we believe a grocery store should be your one-stop shop. So say hello to big brands, organic finds, everyday essentials, old favorites and locally-sourced goods, all at an affordable price. And all under one roof.”

A section of Haggen's direct-mail flyer.
A section of Haggen's direct-mail flyer.

Features in the four-page circular include a dozen Haggen-brand eggs for $1.49; a 59-ounce container of Florida Natural orange juice for $2.99; farm-raised salmon for $7.99 a pound; 5-ounce packages of Earthbound Farm organic salads for $2.49; and fresh-baked baguettes priced at $1.49 each.

The Haggen message is reinforced at store level with A-frame signs near the store’s entrances that thank customers for coming in and promising them a variety of fresh products “brought to you by the same familiar faces” — a reference to the fact virtually all employees of Albertsons and Safeway have opted to remain with the re-bannered stores.

The signs go on say, “Your new Haggen has over 1,000 new items, and we’re just getting started. In the next 12 months we will be adding over 5,000 more local, gluten-free, organic and natural. Keep coming back as we continue to improve for you.”


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