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Save A Lot said a basket of eight store-brand barbecue products brings customers up to a 45% savings versus national-brand counterparts.

Save A Lot serves up summer store-brand challenge

Curated selection of own-brand items pitted against national brands in seasonal promo campaign

Discount grocery banner Save A Lot is making private brands the anchor of its summer promotional campaign.

St. Louis-based Save A Lot said this week that it has curated approximately 1,850 seasonal items across 55 brands that match the quality of national brands while giving customers “a unique brand experience.” Plans call for these Save A Lot-exclusive brands — such as J. Higg’s, Sunny’s and Grissom’s — to star in new advertising spots that compare the products them to well-known national counterparts to show just how “A Lot Alike” they are but with a significant savings.

VIA created the spots — including segments for food and nonfood (click on links to see videos) — that will run as 15-second clips on streaming TV services, online video, social and owned channels. The campaign also extends into print and in-store.    

With the July 4th nearing to usher in the summer barbecue season, Save A Lot said said it aims to stand out from other grocers that have “just a handful” of store brands on shelves. The company noted that private labels represent almost 70% of its total sales and enable Save A Lot stores to maintain low prices despite elevated food and gas inflation.

"We know everyone’s wallets are being squeezed by skyrocketing gas prices, bigger bills at restaurants and ‘shrinkflation' from national food brands,” Tim Schroder, chief sales and marketing officer at Save A Lot, said in a statement. “At Save A Lot, we want people to feel like there’s still room to enjoy summer. We’re inviting shoppers to try our private-label products for their next barbecue. We think they’ll find they’re just as good or better than their national-brand equivalents, but they’ll spend a lot less. We’re all about giving people a lot more bang for their buck — like, a lot a lot.”

Save A LotSave A Lot-summer private brand campaign-Sunny's Cremesations cookies ad.jpg

In one ad, Save A Lot compares its Sunny’s Cremesations cookies to Oreos, but the company said its product costs half as much.

As part of its summer campaign, Save A Lot is highlighting eight store-brand barbecue products at a total cost of $15, an up to 45% savings versus comparable national-brand items at a combined cost of $27. The Save A Lot items include the following:

• J. Higg’s Classic potato chips at half the price of Lays, according to Save A Lot.

• Sunny’s Cremesations cookies at half the cost of Oreos.

• Crystal Falls sparkling strawberry lemonade at half the cost of ICE.

• Farmington brats at almost 20% less than Johnsonville.

• Grissom buns at15% less than Ballpark.

• Kurtz ketchup at half the cost of Heinz.

• Kurtz mustard at half the price of French’s.

• Kurtz hot sauce at half the cost of Franks.

The campaign also includes the Save A Lot “Spree For All,” in which customers can enter for a chance to win free groceries in a shopping spree that lets them keep everything they can fit in their cart in five minutes. Shoppers can sign up for the contest online through July 10.

Overall, Save A Lot operates 13 distribution centers and serves more than 850 stores in 32 states. Since December 2021, the company has operated under a wholesale business model in which independent grocers own and operate Save A Lot supermarkets via a relicensing program and receive marketing and other support services, including private label. In its hometown of St. Louis, Save A Lot owns and operates 18 stores as a test market for innovations and new programs.

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