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The SN News Quiz!
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The SN News Quiz: What are you doing to reduce retail theft?

Here are the results of last week’s recent three-question quiz

Here are the results of last week’s SN News Quiz!

1. Which retailer just launched a 30 minute delivery option?

  • Fresh Thyme
  • Aldi (correct!)
  • Trader Joe’s

2. Which drugstore company opened a store in Chicago specifically designed to reduce theft?

  • Walgreens (yep, that’s the one!)
  • CVS
  • Rite Aid

3. Which one of the following did SN see at the recent IDDBA (International Dairy Deli Bakery Association) show?

  • Gluten-free, allergen free baked goods
  • Plant-based seafood alternatives
  • Cakes topped with bugs
  • All of the above! (including bugs!) 

BONUS question: Retail theft is becoming a real problem across the U.S. Recently, Giant Food said it’s hiring security guards and putting limits on self-checkout. What steps are you taking, if any?

  • Reducing self-checkout options (44.6%)
  • Adding more security (23.1%)
  • Locking up items (23.1%)
  • Other (9.2%)


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