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Starting this month, all 2,300 Aldi locations in the U.S. will go dark after hours.

Why Aldi UK is turning off its lights

All locations in the U.K. will turn lights off after hours; energy-efficient bulbs are also being used

Aldi employees will be sure to turn the lights off, an initiative that comes straight from the company’s Germany headquarters.

Starting this month, all 2,300 Aldi locations in the U.K. will go dark after hours in an attempt to reduce the company’s carbon footprint and save money, as first reported by The Telegraph. A trial at four stores was completed earlier in the year.

Energy-efficient lighting is now also being used at all locations.The discount retailer said it believes that initiative has already cut energy consumption by 10%.





Correction: June 14, 2023
This story originally referenced the lights off initiative as being a U.S.-based initiative — it is in fact a UK initiative. The story has been updated.
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