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Consumers choose seafood, vegetarian meals for health

Consumers choose seafood, vegetarian meals for health

Nearly three quarters of consumers who increased their seafood purchases over the past two years did so because of its health benefits, according to a new report from Technomic.

“Center of the Plate: Seafood & Vegetarian Consumer Trend Report” also found that 62% of Americans eat meals without beef, pork, chicken or turkey at least once a week. Close to 70% eat seafood as an entrée or entrée ingredient at least once every 90 days.

Salmon is the most popular fish at Technomic’s Top 500 restaurants, but cod is a fast-growing choice.

Technomic also predicts growth in fast casual seafood.


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“Health will continue to drive the seafood and vegetarian menu mix, and it can be leveraged both to spur interest in these options and to benefit the concept as a whole, by broadening appeal, reducing the 'veto vote' and creating a health halo,” Kelly Weikel, director of consumer insights for Technomic, said in a press release.

“These options also provide a point of differentiation that younger consumers look for as inventive, yet satisfying vegetarian and seafood items featuring on-trend ingredients to create a contemporary, unique and better-for-you positioning.”

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