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Greenpeace ranks PL canned tuna on sustainability

Greenpeace ranks PL canned tuna on sustainability

Greenpeace USA gave Whole Foods and Hy-Vee private label canned tuna the best marks for sustainability among retail brands on its Tuna Shopping Guide, while criticizing Kroger's transparency around tuna sourcing. The advocacy group said that Kroger's private label tuna should be “avoid[ed] at all cost.” 

Greenpeace looked at sourcing, fishing methods and company sustainability policies to grade 14 brands of canned tuna, including eight private label supermarket brands. In many cases, Greenpeace gave poor marks to brands due to a lack of available information.

Greenpeace also ranked Trader Joe’s tuna among the brands that offer sustainable choices, while products from Safeway, Costco, Target and Walmart fell to the bottom of the list.


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Greenpeace listed Wild Planet, American Tuna and Ocean Naturals as the best brands.

Hy-Vee touted its private label canned tuna in a separate press release.

“We are dedicated to delivering a high-quality seafood selection to our Midwest customers. To accomplish this, we believe we must also play an integral role in keeping our oceans healthy,” said Nate Stewart, VP of perishables at Hy-Vee, West Des Moines, Iowa. “We look forward to continuing to improve our responsible seafood efforts.”

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