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Nutrition labels may help seafood sales: Study

Nutrition labels may help seafood sales: Study

Adding a nutrition label to packages of raw seafood increased consumers’ willingness to buy, according to a study conducted by researchers at the University of Florida.

While USDA has required nutrition labels for raw meat and poultry since 2012, packages of raw fish are exempt, researchers noted. Their online survey of 1,000 parents with children living at home showed adding similar nutrition labels to seafood led to a greater willingness to pay for all types of fish, while general health benefit information only boosted the appeal of certain types of seafood.

The survey also found 80% of respondents choose seafood for a family meal because of taste, followed by nutrition, variety, price, fat content, calories and preparation time.

Learnings from preliminary focus groups showed consumers don’t always make healthy choices when it comes to seafood.

“Though respondents understand the nutritional benefits of seafood and would choose seafood for health and nutritional benefits, some of them still deep-fry their seafood,” Xiang Bi, a University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Studies assistant professor and one of the study’s authors, said in a press release. “Light seafood consumers, particularly, do not want to prepare seafood at home.”

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