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Wegmans reformulated bread for health but shoppers preferred the old recipes
<p> Wegmans reformulated bread for health but shoppers preferred the old recipes.</p>

Wegmans Brings Back Bread at Customers’ Request

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Wegmans Food Markets will reintroduce original versions of Food You Feel Good About Potato Bread, Country White Bread and 100% Whole Wheat Bread next week. The move comes after shoppers turned up their noses to the healthier versions.


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The chain recently introduced a line of New Hearty Whole Grain Breads including fresh takes on five existing breads and one new variety.

The loaves were reformulated for health with whole grains added and processed chemicals removed, according to Mary Ellen Burris, vice president of consumer affairs for Wegmans.

Soon after trying the new versions, consumers took to social media to express their disappointment.

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“Very quickly, many customers told us we’d gone too far this time on three of the breads that they loved and ate every day,” stated Burris in a Fresh Stories blog post. “We’d made ‘improvements’ that they didn’t like and we’d changed the taste. As one customer put it, ‘My daily quality of life has just declined. I used to look forward to my sandwich for lunch every day; I’m just so disappointed.’”

Just as shoppers expressed their aversion to the new bread, many shared that they are pleased with Wegmans’ decision.

“So glad to see [Country White Bread] is coming back,” commented Kathleen Brennan on Burris’ Fresh Stories blog post. “This bread has been a staple for my children for the last several years. We would buy at least 4 loaves a week. Due to the bitter taste of the new bread we started to buy all our bread at a nearby bakery. My children will be thrilled!”

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