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Your Chance to Nominate an Executive for SN's 2010 Marketer of the Year Award

In January, Supermarket News will honor an executive at a U.S. food retail company as Marketer of the Year. The award will be given to an individual who spearheads an innovative and successful campaign that boosts recognition of a product, category or distinctive elements of the store as a brand.

SN’s “Marketer of the Year Award” will be given to an executive (marketer or other person responsible for driving the retailer’s brand) who is:

  • • Dedicated to building the company’s brand image through unique marketing campaigns.
  • • Committed to private label by developing innovative promotions.
  • • Guided by high standards for in-store branding through new merchandising and advertising that tie into the total store.
  • • Creative in developing integrated advertising that combines in-store, radio, print, Internet and television.
  • • In touch with the needs of the retailer’s customers through focus groups and surveys.
  • • Proactive in partnering with manufacturers in coming up with promotions that enhances the retail brand as well as sell manufacturer’s products.

See for a list of past Marketer of the Year award winners.

Who can be nominated?
U.S. food retail executives who are responsible for building the company’s branding position.

How do you submit nominations?
Use the form below.

How many executives can each person nominate?
There is no limit, but a separate nomination is needed for each executive.

When will the award be presented?
The award will be presented at the Friends of the Industry Dinner Jan. 24 during FMI's Midwinter Executive Conference in Orlando, Fla.

How to nominate:

  1. 1. On the nomination form on the next page, enter the name of the executive nominated and your name and identifying information.
  2. 2. Fill in the section on why this executive qualifies for the award. SN may choose to use all or part of your explanation in its story on the winner.
  3. 3. Submit the completed form to SN electronically, as directed.
  4. 4. SN must receive nomination forms by Nov. 20.


Any questions? Email [email protected].

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