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About The Survey

SN’s 14th annual State of the Industry Report on Supermarket Technology is based on a survey developed by SN editors and conducted by the research department of Penton Media, New York, the parent company of SN.

The survey was mailed in early November 2007 to 1,094 corporate and IT executives at food retailers and wholesalers, with a follow-up mailing later that month.

Eliminating any multiple returns from the same company, Penton Research received responses from 60 retailers, 22 wholesalers and two companies that were not identified. Individual survey results are confidential and are not tied to participating companies.

Respondents included chief executive officers (10%), presidents (8%), senior vice presidents or chief information officers (29%), vice presidents (10%) and directors (27%), among others.

The average (mean) sales volume in 2007 of responding companies was $1.7 billion, though 30% of respondents did not provide sales information.

The average (mean) number of stores operated by or supplied by responding companies was 336; for retailers, the average was 152, and for wholesalers, 772. Eleven percent of respondents did not provide store information.

— M.G.

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