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Study Details CO2 Refrigeration in North America

BRUSSELS – More than 125 supermarkets in North America are using secondary, cascade and transcritical refrigeration systems that incorporate natural refrigerant carbon dioxide partly or completely, according to a new study from market development company shecco here.


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Based on a survey of CO2 refrigeration system suppliers, the “GUIDE 2013: Natural Refrigerants - Market Growth for North America" pinpoints the number of CO2 supermarket installations by U.S. state and Canadian province. The study is available for free.

By incorporating CO2 as a natural refrigerant, these refrigeration systems reduce the global warming impact of refrigerant leaks, compared to leaks from conventional systems that use only synthetic refrigerants. Secondary and cascade systems use some CO2 while transcritical systems use only CO2.

“North America presents a clear opportunity for natural refrigerant solution providers, but still remains a market of largely untapped potential,” said Nina Masson, shecco’s head of market research, in a statement. “As business choices have become harder, this guide puts forward evidence that natural refrigerants are viable options for a growing share of applications, but also draws attention to the challenges lying ahead.”

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In the U.S., the report estimates that there were 55 completed CO2 secondary installations or purchase orders made in 2012, and 25 planned installations for 2013; 20 completed CO2 cascade installations or purchase orders made in 2012; and two transcritical installations planned for 2013, the first in the U.S. SN has learned that Whole Foods Market, Hannaford Supermarkets and Angelo Caputo’s Fresh Markets plan transcritical installations this year.

The report estimates that in Canada there were three completed CO2 secondary installations or purchase orders made in 2012; 10 completed CO2 cascade installations or purchase orders made in 2012; and 37 completed CO2 transcritical installations or purchase orders made in 2012, with and 24 planned for 2013.  Sobeys, Stallarton, Nova Scotia, which has made transcritical refrigeration its standard system, has already installed 36 transcritical systems and approved 22 more for 2013.

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