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Gallery: Hy-Vee debuts Fourth + Court

Hy-Vee opened the doors of its urban format Fourth + Court store in Des Moines, Iowa, Tuesday. The 36,000-square-foot location emphasizes fresh foods and boasts novel services.

The store’s Hy-Vee Market Grille restaurant features an all-glass wine room and patio seating. The location also touts Dia Pida Italian Street Food; the Hibachi Asian grill; a Nori Sushi bar with seating; and Cocina Mexicana with made-to-order offerings.

The format and its unique features will serve as a pilot for the retailer, noted Jeff Markey, SVP of store development for Hy-Vee, who added that the ideas for the location came from different businesses serving urban communities. “It involved a lot of trips throughout the country and to Canada to different types of markets … other markets besides grocery to see interesting things being done in urban markets,” he said.

The one-stop shop includes an over-the-counter drugstore, pharmacy and quick clinic, dry-cleaning service, a mother’s room and Aisles Online, temperature-controlled lockers for pickup of online grocery orders. The lockers are accessible even when the store is closed.

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