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Market 5ONE5 is scheduled to debut next spring in Sacramento Calif Graphic Business Wire
<p>Market 5-ONE-5 is scheduled to debut next spring in Sacramento, Calif. (Graphic: Business Wire)</p>

Raley's owner to debut Market 5-ONE-5

An in-store nutritionist, chef, butcher and other store personnel will educate shoppers about the origins and nutritional value of foods merchandised at Market 5-ONE-5, a new grocery store that will emphasize transparency, Levi Wingo, general manager of Market 5-ONE-5 told SN.

Market 5-ONE-5 is owned by Raley’s CEO and majority owner Mike Teel, but isn’t considered a Raley’s banner and will operate independently from the West Sacramento, Calif.-based chain, Raley’s spokeswoman Chelsea Minor told SN.

The 11,000-square-foot store that is set to debut this spring in Sacramento, will source foods that are minimally processed, organic (when available), sustainably sourced and free of elements not found in nature. It was conceptualized from a farmer's market.

The store's
The store's "core principles" are printed on it's logo.

“Market 5-ONE-5 was built on three core principles: organic, nutrition and food education,” said Wingo via email responses. “Although none of these concepts are new, together they represent a new grocery and foodservice experience for the customer. The unique education components will allow customers to have trust that all of the products on the shelf will meet our nutritional standards.”

The timing of the concept, said Wingo, makes sense since customers want to connect to their local store and know where their food comes from and what it contains.

“This store will source food from distributors within the region, which will allow for daily deliveries of fresh product,” Wingo added. “We anticipate fresh offerings across the store in produce, meat, seafood, cheese and foodservice.”

The store is being designed in partnership with King Wiese Architects.

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