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Daymon Worldwide's 2016 Global Retail Trend Predictions

Daymon Worldwide's 2016 Global Retail Trend Predictions

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Global consumables retail leader and Private Brand pioneer Daymon Worldwide today released its seven ‘Global Retail Trends Predictions for 2016’ to help retailers address widespread tectonic shifts caused by competitive pressures from both high and low-end retailers, and a new wave of business models.

“This year we have seen a number of high-profile bankruptcies and outright closings among once-venerable companies.  The pressure to perform is relentless, and every stumble is immediately punished,” said Daymon Worldwide CEO Jim Holbrook.  “Amidst a cacophony of change in the retail industry, Daymon has identified seven key trends that smart business leaders must factor into their thinking. Anticipating these changes and acting on them in 2016 are critical to success, if not survival.”

According to Holbrook, Daymon Worldwide’s global trend predictions will help retailer and supplier partners to better track and respond to future consumer needs and preferences.   Each trend was identified through the Global TrendWheel, TM Daymon’s proprietary social, economic and business-scanning tool that tracks 54 consumer microtrends across seven global megatrends.

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